Cotsen Hall

A Modern Auditorium in an Historic Setting

Completed and opened to the public in 2005, Cotsen Hall is built on the grounds of the Gennadius Library, a landmarked building in the center of
Athens. Designed in modern style, the Hall reflects the historic importance of the Gennadeion as well as that devotion to Greece’s culture and history
embodied in the mission of the School. Named for the chief benefactor, Lloyd Cotsen, the Hall serves the cultural and educational programs of the
School and also welcomes events organized by distinguished groups and individuals from the world of education, culture, and business.
The Hall has a lobby in two levels that can provide indoor breaks and reception space for gatherings of up to 200 people. For larger gatherings in most
months of the year, the Hall Terrace is available alone or in combination with two additional garden terraces. Tents can extend use of the gardens.


Audiovisual Equipment

Cotsen Hall provides an advanced visual and acoustic system. Highlights include two digital video projectors that support PC or VHS video. A dual
sound system, supported by eight speakers with built-in amplifiers and digital sound processor and mixer, can accommodate a range of acoustical
requirements including lectures, seminars, conferences, and musical performances. The Hall also has an infrared wireless interpretation system for
simultaneous translation. Stage lighting, a public address system and wireless microphones are also provided.
A platform elevator is installed in the stage for raising a piano or heavy equipment to the stage.